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The Importance of Buying Local

The Importance of Buying Local When you shop local, you do far more than get the items that you want quickly and conveniently. Buying local stimulates the economy in our community, helps benefit local schools and charities, and it even helps the environment. The Greater Vancouver Chamber’s Grow the (360) program makes it simple for…

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Your Customers are Marketing Assets

Your Customers are Marketing Assets At the Greater Vancouver Chamber, our members often ask for marketing advice. We’ve found that the best people to go out and advertise to small local businesses like our members, are their customers. Companies in our region have a solid connection to the community and using their successful prior business…

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Utilize the Library for Business Resources

Utilize the Library for Business Resources You might be surprised at the business resources that can be found at our local library branches in Southwest Washington. Small business owners and entrepreneurs have access to an often-untapped resource that can provide a wealth of information. You will probably want to find that library card or apply…

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How Entrepreneurs Use Networking

people dressed up business casual networking

How Entrepreneurs Use Networking An essential skill for any entrepreneur is the ability to create meaningful connections via networking, also called network development. Creating connections with customers both old and new is important, but creating a network of other entrepreneurs and business owners provides value customers alone can’t provide. Typically this comes in the form of…

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Five Steps to Launch Your Business

Five Steps to Launch Your Business Starting a business is a demanding but rewarding undertaking. There is so much to think about; from robust planning, market research, and acquiring knowledge in unexplored areas. To become a successful entrepreneur, you want to make sure you prepare thoroughly before launching your business. In this article, we focus…

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