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BoardReady Certification Program

Become the Change-Maker Your Community Needs!

Are you an aspiring leader ready to influence and elevate organizational governance? The Greater Vancouver Chamber proudly introduces BoardReady, a one-day intensive certification program designed to transform current or aspiring board members, community leaders, and corporate visionaries into effective, impactful board directors. Our commitment extends to creating an environment that cultivates these essential skills, thereby enhancing the strength and resilience of our community's nonprofits.

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Next BoardReady Certification: May 22, 2024 | 8AM- 4PM

Join the Board Governance Elite!

Each BoardReady participant gains access to premium resources, hands-on exercises, and exclusive networking opportunities. Learn from industry veterans and tap into a wealth of knowledge. Invest just one day and unlock a lifetime of opportunity!

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BoardReady Certification Benefits

  • Expand Your Skills: Master the critical skills necessary for effective board governance.
  • Elevate Your Profile: Stand out as the qualified candidate nonprofits are searching for.
  • Engage With Impact: Drive positive change and contribute to the community in meaningful ways!
  • Connect with Peers: Build your network with like-minded professionals and community leaders.

Who Should Attend?

  • Current Board Members

  • Professionals Looking to Join Future Board & Committees

  • Employees Across Every Career Stage

  • Retired Professionals Looking to Volunteer

Dive Into a Comprehensive Curriculum!

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Module 1: Nonprofit Board Fundamentals

Learn the essence of nonprofit governance and the critical roles board members play in steering mission-driven organizations towards success.

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Module 2: Governance Roles Defined

Master the functions of key board positions and the synergy between board members and executive staff that sparks organizational excellence.

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Module 3: Strategic Visionaries

Be the strategic mind that crafts, advocates, and measures compelling visions driving nonprofits to new heights.

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Module 4: Financial Stewardship

Navigate the financial intricacies with acumen, oversee sustainable budgeting, and uphold robust fiscal health.

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Module 5: Fundraising Mastery

Cultivate donor relations and construct dynamic fundraising initiatives to empower resources development.

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Module 6: Legal and Ethical Vigilance

Safeguard your organization with unwavering ethical practices and legal compliance, fostering trust and integrity.

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Module 7: Champions of DEI

Pioneer inclusivity and embrace diverse perspectives to enrich decision-making and invigorate board culture.

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Module 8: Future-Proof Leadership

Evaluate and evolve board performance, while mapping out succession blueprints to ensure ongoing governance strength.

Ready to Lead, Ready to Achieve!

Enroll now in the BoardReady Certification Program! Let’s begin your journey to the apex of board achievements. Don't just join a board; elevate it! Make an IMPACT! Ignite CHANGE! BoardReady!

*TAKE NOTE: Register now and benefit from a 25% discount when you enroll three or more individuals together. Email us at

GVC Member Certification Fee

$ 375.00
  • The BoardReady Certification Program requires a fee of $375 for GVC Members enrollment. This fee covers access to exclusive resources, training materials, and networking opportunities essential for boardroom preparedness.

Non-Member Certification Fee

$ 450.00
  • The BoardReady Certification Program requires a fee of $450 for Non-Members enrollment. This fee covers access to exclusive resources, training materials, and networking opportunities essential for boardroom preparedness.

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