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Business Owners

As a business owner, your success is our purpose. We continuously strive to serve our members with resources and activities that support your business goals. Our business related advocacy ensures the business perspective is at the forefront of community conversations at the local and state level. Collaborating with local partners reduces duplication of efforts and centralizes resources for greater social and economic impact.

The Pacific Northwest has a meaningful culture of supporting local businesses. Our goal is to nurture the existing patron culture and extend it to our peers - our community of business.

The Greater Vancouver Chamber business community has been the premiere touchstone for professionals of all backgrounds, industries, and business at all scales since 1890. Together our staff, committees, and members are leading the way toward long-term prosperity through service to each other, business-related advocacy, and community building.

A young black woman standing in front of a clothing boutique with a sign in her hands that reads, "Shop Local."

Why Join the Greater Vancouver Chamber

Being part of your local chamber provides you and your business a group of like minded peers to learn from, to support one another, and advocate for business-friendly policies as a unified voice.

GVC Benefits for Business Owners

✅ Complementary referral and support services

✅ Exclusive marketing opportunities

✅ Admission credits and members-only pricing for events

✅ Search engine-friendly customizable directory listing

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