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Start or Run a Business

Congratulations! You are probably either a budding entrepreneur or an experienced business owner. Either way - we are excited you're here.

New business owners will find guides, resources, and more here that can help answer startup questions. But you can't afford to miss our events, which offer some of the region's best networking opportunities. We recommend connecting with a member and you both get free entry to Coffee & Connections!
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Experienced business owners will find quick links to common operations needs, wisdom from peers, and the 'next big thing' from our social media and news feeds. Are you in the manufacturing, professional services, or medical fields?
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Startup Checklist

Not sure where or how to start your business in the Greater Vancouver area? Do you get a business license or an EIN first? (What even is an EIN?) Find these answers and more in Washington's Road Map for Opening a Business.

External Resources

Washington State Small Business Liaison Helplines

Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Call: 1-800-917-0043 (toll-free)

Text/SMS: 1-833-674-2492

Why Join the Greater Vancouver Chamber

Being part of your local chamber provides you and your business a group of like minded peers to learn from, to support one another, and advocate for business-friendly policies as a unified voice.

Small businesses in the Greater Vancouver area make up the majority of the Chamber's membership. We estimate that over 70% of our member businesses have ten full-time employees or fewer. Our data suggests a staggering 80% of new GVC members over the past four years have five employees or fewer.

The GVC is committed to supporting, educating, and nuturing small businesses throughout the region. Take advantage of all the investments the community is making in businesses like yours: Join the GVC today!

Benefits for Business Owners

✅ Complementary referral and support services

✅ Exclusive marketing opportunities

✅ Admission credits and members-only pricing for events

✅ Search engine-friendly customizable directory listing

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