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Code of Conduct

Acceptance of, and adherence to this Code is a condition of participation in the Greater Vancouver Chamber or a supported program or project. The Chamber reserves the right to deny participation to any company if, in its sole opinion, a participant’s business conduct or ethical behavior may cast a negative light on the Chamber's programs, projects or services.

Participants shall:

  • Comply with all applicable local, state, federal, foreign or international laws and regulations
  • Respect the human rights and dignity of others
  • Treat all persons and entities in a professional and respectful manner
  • Cooperate reasonably with other related organizations
  • Present their company and products honestly
  • Avoid unfair or deceptive practices
  • Conduct any relationship with honesty, fairness, and objectivity
  • Not make false, fictitious, or misleading claims
  • Not conceal a material fact
  • Not offer employment, business opportunities, improper payments, gratuities, or gifts to influence present or future actions
  • Disclose conflicting business interests
  • Ensure that working environments are safe
  • Not share information contained in confidential and private correspondence and documentation
  • Respect the intellectual property rights, patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, or any other proprietary business information of others
  • Acknowledge that lawful, reasonable competition for business among participants is customary and to be encouraged
  • Comply with contractual obligations in good faith