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Enhance Your Website Traffic

Enhance Your Website Traffic Your company website is the first impression nearly all of your customers have of your business. However, if it’s not optimized for search engines, potential customers may never see you. Search engines have artificial intelligence “bots” that scour the internet for websites that match a user’s search query, and the more…

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How Entrepreneurs Use Networking

people dressed up business casual networking

How Entrepreneurs Use Networking An essential skill for any entrepreneur is the ability to create meaningful connections via networking, also called network development. Creating connections with customers both old and new is important, but creating a network of other entrepreneurs and business owners provides value customers alone can’t provide. Typically this comes in the form of…

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Factors That Influence Client Retention

Factors That Influence Client Retention Marketing and advertising are only part of the equation when attracting new clients. Service is perhaps the single most important aspect of any business. If your business provides good service, but you are seeing a decline in retention, it is important to identify the reasons. We have identified some of…

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The Benefits of Volunteering

Group of volunteers

The Benefits of Volunteering Aristotle once equated the essence of life to serving others and doing good. While the philosophy seems like a fulfilling endeavor, it’s not quite practical given that we lead super busy lives. With our consistently jam-packed schedules, it’s impossible to think of giving away more of your time and energy for…

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Five Steps to Launch Your Business

Five Steps to Launch Your Business Starting a business is a demanding but rewarding undertaking. There is so much to think about; from robust planning, market research, and acquiring knowledge in unexplored areas. To become a successful entrepreneur, you want to make sure you prepare thoroughly before launching your business. In this article, we focus…

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