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Lemonade Day & Junior Market

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FUTURE CEO: Your entrepreneurial journey starts here!

Lemonade Day is a free program powered by the Greater Vancouver Chamber that takes kids 6-16 years old on an entrepreneurial journey, teaching them everything they need to know to open their very own business!

Participants learn how to create budgets, set profit-making goals, serve customers, repay investors, and give back to the community.

What is the Junior Market?

After crafting their business plans through the Lemonade Day program, these young CEOs are geared up to showcase their creations at their own booths! Partnering with the Vancouver Farmers Market, the Greater Vancouver Chamber offers a unique opportunity for kids to set up shop in a prime location and sell their handmade or homegrown products at the Junior Market.

Through My Lemonade Day Lessons & the Junior Market, youth gain invaluable experience in running a thriving business!

How does Lemonade Day work?

Whether you use the Lemonade Day App on your own, in school, in Scouts, or with neighborhood friends, or take the lessons in the physical workbook, this program takes kids on a step-by-step entrepreneurship journey through fun and interactive lessons!

STEP 1: Sign Up for Lemonade Day Lessons

Please NOTE: "Group" sign-up is for those with more than 5 kids, such as classrooms, troops, 4H, sports teams, etc. If you have multiple kids in your family who would like to participate, please use the "Sign-Up One Kid" option and sign kiddos up individually.

STEP 2: Build Your Business Plan

STEP 3: Sign Up to Reserve Your Booth at the Junior Market

STEP 4: Run Your Business on June 1st at the Junior Market 

Unlock Your Business's Potential: Create Positive Impact in Your Community!

Increase your brand awareness!

As a sponsor, the Lemonade Day program and Junior Market give your company a unique opportunity to target business leaders, professionals, educators, parents, and community members from across the region. In addition, put your business in front of thousands of customers who join us at the Junior Market in June!

More than 300 young CEOs 6-16 years old from across the region took over the Esther Short Park last summer with their booths to run their businesses for a day and sell handmade or homegrown products to thousands of Farmers Market’s consumers.

40K in sales

300 kidpreneurs

175 junior booths

19 zip codes served

MEET Brielle

Owner of Brielle's Marvelous Candles

Untitled design - 2023-06-05T180221.609

After a successful day of sales at the Junior Market on June 3rd, 2023, Brielle, owner of Brielle's Marvelous Candles, was named the Vancouver Youth Entrepreneur of the Year (2023).

The scoring was based on the business plan, pitch, revenue, product presentation, and overall implementation of what they learned from the Lemonade Day Lessons.

Congratulations, Brielle!

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And the Junior Market was...

"I got a lot of money! In fact, we made $800. Each of us got $400. Everything sold!"- Participant

"Thank you for holding this event! My daughter and I had a good time, learned a lot, and look forward to using what we learned for next year’s market."- Parent

"I am excited to know that the challenges we face in our economy and our future, all the solutions are right here, you all are providing us the entrepreneurial spirit that the Washington state is known for."- Representative Monica Stonier

"It was fun to create stuff and see people wanting to buy it."- Participant

"This was the most amazing event full of amazing kids and amazing volunteers. We thoroughly enjoyed it! And will be back next year with MORE MUSHROOMS!"- Parent

"It’s impressive how all of you turned your ideas into a local business model. Many of the Vancouver businesses began just as yours, with an idea and a passion for what they do."- Vancouver City Council member Erik Paulsen

"I like seeing how it is from the seller side rather than the buyer."- Participant

"We had such a great experience at this event! Will definitely do it again next year! Thank you!"- Parent

"What a great experience! Even the rain couldn't keep those entrepreneurs down!"- Chad Mullen, Career Connect Southwest Network

"Today was very rewarding. I would do it again!"- Participant

"My son got invited to bring his scavenger hunt to another market in Portland. It seems like it’s lead to other opportunities."- Parent

"Absolutely love GVC’s Lemonade Day. Nurturing entrepreneurialism with our community’s youth! Thank you GVC and all the volunteers who made this event possible!"- Steve Webb, Steve Webb Group

"This event was very well organized. Thank you Greater Vancouver Chamber and all the volunteers. The kids did a fantastic job too!"- Parent

"Congratulations to the Chamber and all the budding entrepreneurs on a great success!"- Vickei Hrdina, Career Connect Southwest Network

"Big thanks for all the energy, intention, and time that went into making it great."- Parent

"It was awesome to see so many enterprising and talented youths! #lemonadeday"- Maureen Chan-Hefflin, CREDC

Be a Junior Market Volunteer!

We believe volunteering can be a fantastic stepping stone for our kidpreneurs and future CEOs. Volunteering offers hands-on experience, problem-solving skills, and connections that can pave the way to a successful entrepreneurial journey. Plus, it's a great way for kids to learn the importance of giving back to their community. Let's inspire the next generation of changemakers with our example!

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