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    Women in Leadership Lecture Series

    Presented by Salsbury & Co.


    The Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present the third year of our Women in Leadership Lecture Series. This series of events focuses on female leadership in Clark County and beyond, with the goal of creating a space to cultivate and celebrate the leadership qualities of professional women committed to excellence, collaboration, and tenacity.
    This series now in its third year will bring impressive enhancements to the developed series to create a network of female leaders equipped with the skills, insight, and passion needed to work collaboratively and to positively enhance the business community of Greater Vancouver. The purpose is to elevate women’s careers to the highest levels in the workforce and community through training, mentoring and relationship-building. This program will provide useful tools to help women meet their career and life goals. All sessions will begin with a Welcome Reception, and follow with a Social Hour encouraging guests to make meaningful connections.
    Thank you to the Women in Leadership Lecture Series' presenting sponsor Salsbury & Co., supporting sponsors Columbia Credit Union and Key Bank, Welcome Reception sponsor HAPO Community Credit Union, Social Hour Sponsor WellHaven Pet Health, Virtual Platform Sponsor, ilani, and the Women Who Mean Business: Symposium Media Sponsor, The Columbian.
    COVID-19 UPDATE: In light of recent events, your Chamber has been working diligently to ensure this important program moves forward and we are pleased to share the new dates for the 2020 WILL Program, now in July, September, and December for the Virtual Executive Women's Council Sessions along with the in-person March 8, 2021 Symposium at ilani. Due to the nature of re-scheduling, these dates and times may not work for everyone's schedules as you navigate your organization through the months ahead, however we hope that you will join us in support of this program where we offer a platform to increase your connections with other leaders, strengthen your emotional intelligence, and have an opportunity to share what helps you stand out as a leader among both men and women.
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    The Women in Leadership Program's Executive Women's Council has been curated to fill the need in our business community for strengthening the connections between female CEO's and industry executives. By subscription packages and personalized invitations, the Executive Women's Council offers guests to join in conversations that will lead to business growth and development at the C-suite level. Split into three virtual sessions, the council will connect in July, September, and December, for a similarly structured event as the past Women in Leadership Lectures. In March 2021, the Executive Women's Council along with management-level professionals will meet to attend the March 8, 2021 symposium at ilani entitled "Women Who Mean Business." Read more about the Executive Women's Council sessions below.
    If you are interested in joining Executive Women's Council, please let us know by clicking the button below.


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    Session One: July 21


    "It Takes A Village"

    How to Understand the Roles of Hunters & Gatherers for an Optimized Workforce


    Gender has played a role in survival since the early days of man (and woman). But in our modern workplace, these traditions are being challenged and often create confusion, bias and discrimination.

    In the age of #MeToo, #OKBoomer and #StayInYourLane, how can men and women of multiple generations find a place in their workplace tribe? Let's start with understanding where we came from. This presentation talks about sensitive but important challenges many women face when trying to evolve the attributes of leadership and success in business.


    Speaker Bio: Elisa's experience includes more than 15 years in HR, recruiting and business development primarily with small to mid-sized businesses. A true Xennial (the micro generation between Gen X and Millennials), she is often an early adopter with a natural curiosity for all things – Especially people! Her passion for the HR profession is obvious: She is a member of the Forbes Human Resource Council, has served as the President for Salt Lake SHRM, co-founded DisruptHR SLC, currently serves as the Executive Director for Utah SHRM and acts as an advisor and member of several business-focused groups. Elisa holds the SHRM-SCP, SPHR, PRC and SHRM Talent Management Specialty Credential certifications. A true believer of the global impact HR can have on creating a better human experience, her career path now focuses on the advocacy and influence for the progression of the HR function within the business environment.




  • How to Avoid Burnout Women in LEadership Executive Women's Council Session two
  • Session Two: September 1


    "How Powerful Women Avoid Burnout"

    All Work & No Play Makes Jane a Dull Girl: How Powerful Women Avoid Burnout


    Upon reaching senior leadership roles, women often hope to have more control over our careers so we can start enjoying the lives we’ve worked hard to create. However, life isn’t easier at all! It’s more complex, more chaotic, and can quickly become deeply disillusioning – especially as we witness our male counterparts enjoying their downtime and being less affected by the demands of their careers.


    On paper, our life is amazing. Yet, the truth for many executive women is exhaustion, isolation, and a sense of “is this as good as it gets?” Becoming intense and irritable at home, snapping at loved ones, taking our relationships for granted, and stress eating ourselves into an embarrassing amount of weight gain with zero hobbies or outside interests is not how we imagined life at the top would be.


    The result is women are stepping down, changing careers, and walking away from lucrative, influential roles to escape burnout and protect themselves from regret.


    How we created our success is not how we will keep it. Join us for a lively, thought-provoking presentation that shares the strategies a new breed of executive women are using to navigate their careers without sacrificing their personal lives. It may set the stage for a new way of approaching your success, too!


    Speaker Bio: An expert in the challenges affecting successful, high-performing women, Kathleen Byars is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Goodlife Institute, a well-being company that teaches successful individuals how they can enjoy deeply fulfilling personal lives. Her flagship program, Corporate Women Unleashed, helps women break the cycle of burnout, workaholism, and sacrifice prevalent in high-stress, roles and teaches women how to prioritize their health, self, and relationships within a demanding career. Before launching her company, she was the youngest executive at Mary Kay Cosmetics, becoming the VP of International Marketing by the age of thirty. She soon burned out and left her rising career to live on an island. Discovering that the simple life was not the answer, she returned to the corporate world and began researching how successful people can enjoy challenging careers without living in a constant state of trade-off and regret. Today, her company transforms the lives of hundreds of women every year. She lives in Arizona with her husband, Scott, their two boys, and Mr. Peabody, the family, French bulldog.



    Session Three: December 1

    Stay Tuned for More Information!



    The Women in Leadership Program presents its first symposium catering to over 300 women in management roles for a large-scale symposium. This half-day event will create opportunities for opportunities for our business community’s female representation to grow as future leaders meanwhile fostering mentorship and leadership pipelines within our region for years to come. We are thrilled to announce the symposium will also incorporate the 34th Annual Women In Leadership Iris Awards. The Iris Awards is SW Washington's premiere event recognizing Women of Achievement, celebrating women's outstanding contributions to the community, now in its 34th year. Follow the link below to register yourself and others to the Women Who Mean Business: Symposium at the NEW DATE of March 8, 2021.



    New Date!

    Symposium: March 8, 2021



    "Women Who Mean Business"

    Supporting All Female Professionals in SW Washington


    This 1/2 day event will include four international experts on various women's topics geared towards:
    • The responsibility to nurture/mentor and inspire future leaders.
    • Simple yet powerful rules for building business relationships that will help leaders stand apart from competitors 
    • The tools needed to focus, not only on keeping teams engaged and at their best but the importance of continuing to sharpen their own leadership skills.
    Additional details to come. To register yourself and others, follow this link.

    ‚ÄčThis half-day session will also incorporate Women In Leadership Iris Awards. The Iris Awards is Southwest Washington's premiere event recognizing Women of Achievement, celebrating women's outstanding contributions to the community, now in its 34th year.



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