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  • Board of Directors approves the following list of Legislative Priorities for the 2020 legislative session:



    • Support our legislative delegation in their efforts to form a Bi-State collaboration around replacing the I 5 Bridge and in the formation of a I 5 Replacement Program Office in SW Washington.
    • Work to assure the continuation of funding for such project funding tools as the Public Works Trust Fund (PWTF), the Transportation Improvement Board (TIB), the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA), the Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board (FMSIB) and other funds allowing for local development of critical infrastructure. 
    • Support specifically the re-introduction of the Local Infrastructure Financing Tool (LIFT).



    • Tax Policy
    • Extend the aerospace manufacturing B&O tax rate to all manufacturing categories.
    • Protect against implementation of burdensome business taxes and fees in the event Initiative 976 is successful.
    • Protect against the desire to have business fund unfunded mandates such as the Orca Preservation Act passed in the last session.
    • Oppose the implementation of a Capital Gains Excise Tax, which is broadly seen as a step toward a State Income Tax.
    • Work to limit the addition of and/or relief from the increasing regulation being forced on businesses of all sizes such as, Paid Family Leave, Exempt/Overtime rule changes, the possibility of Predictive Scheduling and others.



    • Support development of a balanced, economically sustainable, and environmentally conscious energy policy for the citizens, employers and farmers of the State, keeping in mind energy sources.  The energy policy should protect and grow our nationally competitive power generation and distribution infrastructure.  
    • Suggest that the State consider assigning the Policy and its implementation to the Department of Commerce.
    • Protect against the introduction of a Carbon Fuel Tax which will most certainly result in an increase at the pump of .40 to .50 per gallon.  
    • Promote a State definition of length of time building plans must be reviewed by all jurisdictions.



    • Support the WSU Vancouver request for the design phase of the Life Sciences Building
    • Support the Clark College Boschma Farms Campus request for Design & Build funds
    • Support the Campus Development request by Cascadia Tech Academy



    • Support the placement of a facility or facilities in SW Washington to address mental & behavioral health and substance abuse, especially among the homeless.


  • greater vancouver chamber of commerce moving business forward #ThisIsHowIChamber
  • These as well as the recurring items, such as continued support for the Bi-State I-5 Replacement Bridge efforts including the local office, are the priorities brought forth by the Public Affairs Committee, and ratified by the GVCC Board of Directors, in representation of all of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce members. If you have any questions or thoughts you would like to add, please connect with us at YourChamber@VancouverUSA.com.