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Inspire HER Speakers

Morning Keynote Presentation | 9:15AM- 10AM

Nicole Sherman (2)


This is Your Now!

Turning Clear Intention into Committed Action.

This vibrant and result-focused keynote is invigorating and explores the essential qualities and skills necessary for you to move from intention to action! With a perfect blend of humor and insightful anecdotes, this keynote engages you through interactive discussions and challenging introspection. It dives into the nuances of communication while also addressing the importance of self-awareness in achieving your desired results. Through real-life examples and practical tips, you will be inspired to reach your full potential with confidence and credibility.

Morning Breakout Sessions | 10:30AM- 11:25AM

Jenna_Cooper (1)


Speak to Spark: Unleash the Power of Storytelling and Crush Your Next Presentation - with Confidence!

Fear of public speaking and presenting can hold you back in your career. Public speaking coach, Jenna Cooper, APR, will teach you how to capture your audience's attention through storytelling, body language, the power of the pause, and strategic engagement. You'll leave this energetic session with tips on crushing your next presentation.

Allison_Nunes (1)


Rock Your Profile & Leverage the Power of LinkedIn

Now is the time to make sure your LinkedIn profile and engagement are stronger than ever. Empower yourself and learn how to connect to opportunity as your career journey unfolds.

This session will cover:

  • Rocking your profile! Learn best practices, tips, and tricks on how to tell your professional story
  • Making the most of your LinkedIn network. Download the LinkedIn mobile app to learn a quick way to connect with others
  • Gaining insights and knowledge in your newsfeed and through LinkedIn Learning courses
  • Brand building and thought leadership
  • Top tips for Job Seekers


Celebrating Wins

Celebrating wins is the practice that holds significant relevance at all levels of the organization. It's not just about giving high-fives for individual victories or group successes; it's the vibe that makes our workplace culture shine and that essential ingredient we often forget but can totally transform the game.

Marlo Maroon, Director of Team Training for Pregame HQ, shares pro tips from years of creating winning solutions for teams local and abroad.

Learn how to:

  • Boost Morale and Motivation
  • Build a Positive Culture
  • Encourage Continuous Improvement

Afternoon Breakout Sessions | 1:25PM- 2:20PM

Heidi_Johnson_Bixby2 (5)


Get in the Driver's Seat

Navigating Financial Decisions with Confidence  

We’re all on a financial path in life, but what happens when you encounter a bump or a fork in the road? Can you confidently take the wheel and navigate financial decisions as they come? Heidi Johnson Bixby, CFP® professional, will walk us through three essential tools you’ll want to pack for the financial road trip of a lifetime.  

Heidi has been a trusted financial partner for individuals and families in Southwest Washington, Oregon and beyond, for 33 years and counting. She’s thrilled to share her insights to help you make informed financial decisions with confidence!    

To learn more about Heidi’s own journey, read more below.



Leading with Style

Leading Style Expert & Wardrobe Therapist, Renée Lara will guide you through what Leading w/ Style looks and feels like in your everyday life. Let Renée inspire you to discover and explore ways wardrobe and outfitting can elevate not only the way you feel, but the way you LEAD.  Walk away from this breakout session...

  • Learning how to identify your Personal Style
  • Develop Style Confidence
  • Enhance the way you Lead

Interactive, Inspiring, and definitely a whole new way of looking at just how style can impact the way you lead, do, and grow. Your style is your story. Let's celebrate YOU!

Kendall_Hagensen (1)


Drama or Trauma? Recognize the difference & prevent burnout for yourself and your team!

Too often serious signs of burnout and trauma are downplayed and go unaddressed in ourselves and our teams. Learn how to recognize the signs of trauma, and walk away with tangible tools based in mind-body medicine, so you can support your team (and yourself!) to recover from, and prevent future burnout!

Afternoon Breakout Sessions | 2:50PM- 3:45PM



The Courage to Have the Tough Talks 

In business, in the workplace, and in life, having tough conversations is... well, tough. We even avoid them hoping they go away. Laura will walk you through a few techniques to:

  • Empower you to have the courage to start the conversation
  • Have the confidence to maneuver through uncomfortable and awkward topics
  • Use highly effective and practical tools that can be used immediately in business, the workplace and in life.

It is time for women in business to feel empowered to have the tough talks and lead with confidence.

Inspire HER Speakers (2)


Revolutionizing Your Routine: Mastering Tech for a Calmer, More Productive Life

Seeking to swap the chaos in your schedule with some well-deserved moments of Zen? Discover the perfect blend of automation, AI, and platforms to elevate efficiency and usher in the tranquility you've been craving. Learn essential strategies to embrace and master technology—even the tools you didn't initially choose—transforming tech frustrations and disorder into milestones of productivity.



Harnessing the Power of Generations: Managing a Multigenerational Workforce

We have five generations working side-by-side in the workplace, but what does that mean for team dynamics and business success? As the workforce becomes increasingly age-diverse, leaders who can effectively harness this diversity will be better positioned to adapt to changing markets and business needs. Understanding the needs and motivations of different generations is key to employee engagement, satisfaction, and, ultimately, organizational success. Dive into the vibrant world of multigenerational talent, where Baby Boomers' wisdom meets Gen Z's innovation. In this interactive session, you'll be equipped with the tools to leverage the rich tapestry of generational diversity in your organization.