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Grow the (360) for Merchants

Join 70+ Thriving Local Businesses

Grow the (360) is an economic development program coordinated by the Greater Vancouver Chamber. It’s one way for locals to discover you, support your business through COVID-19 recovery, and keep coming back for years to come.

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It is FREE to participate as a merchant!

Through August 31, 2021, there is no service cost or credit card processing fee associated with the Grow the (360) Program. No additional POS system or equipment is needed. Through August 31, you do not need to be a Chamber Member to participate as a Merchant.

How it Works

1. Sign up online in 60 seconds


Using basic contact information, sign up your business to accept Grow the (360) eGift Cards.

2. Accept eGift Cards from customers

Scan the unique QR code on each eGift Card, presented either digitally or on paper, using the free merchants app.

3. Cash in your eGift Cards & get paid

Ready to get paid? Just log into your merchant portal and choose to be paid either through ACH bank transfer (recommended) or paper check in the mail.

Why Join Grow the (360)

  • Be part of a concentrated directory of the Greater Vancouver area’s best local retailers, service providers, and restaurants.
  • Help locals find you - and discover new favorites they will come back for!
  • Join before the gift-giving season, build those good reviews, and cash in this winter!
  • Thanks to a wave of donated eGift Cards hitting the market this summer, participating businesses could see a $100,000+ kickstart to their COVID recovery!


  • Vancouver-based businesses will see a surge in questions about Grow the (360) eGift Cards. Our “Accepted Here” window clings are arriving soon and it will be easier than ever to find participating businesses. Don’t you want to say “Yes!” when you’re asked about them?
  • Be a local entrepreneurship leader by showing your commitment to your community. Participating in programs like Grow the (360) tells your customers and neighbors that you are here to stay.

Battle Ground and North Clark County

  • Draw folks out from Vancouver to discover what your unique business has to offer!
  • This growing program still has a lot of room to thrive outside of Vancouver.
  • We already have several thriving businesses participating in these areas. The early bird gets the worm and our early adopters will get a foothold before anyone else.

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What kinds of businesses can participate in Grow the (360)?

Retailers, service providers, and restaurants that can accept in-person eGift Cards transactions are welcome to join.

Which businesses are already signed up?
Do eGift Cards expire?

No. We hope to encourage supporting local all year round!

What does it cost to participate?

It is FREE to participate as a merchant. Through August 31, 2021, there is no service cost or credit card processing fee associated with the Grow the (360) program. No additional POS system or equipment is needed. Through August 31, you do not need to be a Chamber Member to participate as a Merchant.

What if I have multiple locations?

The more the merrier! If you have multiple locations, you'll only need to sign up once to participate as a Grow the (360) Merchant. Just like your sophisticated POS system, our Grow the (360) program will track your purchases inside your Merchant Portal.

Can I integrate my Square POS System?

Yes, Square is compatible with your Grow the (360) Merchant participation. There are a few steps to set this up:

  1. Add/ scan the items the customer is purchasing
  2. Hit charge (blue button at the bottom right)
    Hit "split amount" (top right)
  3. Enter the community cash amount
  4. Hit "more" then click "other gift card or certificate" (enter a note that states it’s community cash)
  5. Hit Record Payment (blue button, top right corner)
  6. Then if there is a remaining balance it can be paid like normal.
Will my employees have access to my Merchant Portal?

You control what your employees have access to. Your Merchant Portal hosts a variety of financial information and company details that, if you wish to keep private, you can restrict your employees' permissions to be only able to scan the QR Codes for the program.

How can I connect with other participating Grow the (360) Merchants?

Join the Chamber's Grow the (360) Facebook Group, exclusively created for Participating Merchants!

What do I do when a customer does not spend their entire eGift Card?

Ensure they will continue to support your business on their next visit by issuing your own gift card for the remaining amount. You may also choose to issue cash back to the customer. As long as it is redeemed before August 31, 2021 you will receive the full cash amount of the Grow the (360) eGift Card.

I've signed up, but I don't see my business listed. What should I do?

Thank you for your interest in Grow The 360! If you don't see your business listed under the Participating Merchants tab, this may mean you need to follow some additional setup steps. Try these steps:

  • What's your industry? At this time, Grow the (360) is for retailers, service providers, and restaurants that can accept in-person gift certificate transactions. If you are unsure if you qualify to participate, please contact us.
  • Check your email: If you qualify and you tried signing up but did not receive a Welcome Email guiding you to your Merchant Portal, make sure to check your spam folder. Additionally, check your 'blocked' senders.​
  • Sign up tutorial: Just in case, view this sign up tutorial video to make sure you followed each of the proper steps. Watch sign up tutorial
  • Setup tutorial: This video will guide you through the setup process for your Merchant Portal. Watch setup tutorial
How can I promote my participation?

Sharing your Grow the (360) Participation on Social Media is the easiest way to grab your customer's attention! Plus, we've made it even easier with the addition of a copy/past text for you to use, and downloadable images for you to post!

Copy/Paste Templates for your Social Media:

General Post
Participating Business Name is officially accepting Grow the (360), our "Shop Local" Community Currency! Supporting our local businesses has never been easier. Purchase your Grow the (360) Gift Certificates now at

Your Own Promotion Post
(Reward Your Shoppers with Exclusive Coupons/Free Gifts/Prize Drawings!)

Participating Business Name is officially accepting Grow the (360), our "Shop Local" Community Currency! When you use your Grow the (360) Gift Certificates at Participating Business Name now through Date of Your Own Promotion End, you will get Your Own Promotion Details! Talk about a WIN-WIN! Don't have your Community Currency yet? Purchase your Grow The 360 Gift Certificates now at

Example Hashtags to Use with Social Media Posts:

  • #GrowThe360
  • #SupportLocal
  • #BuyLocal
  • #CommunityCurrency
  • #SupportVanWA
  • #RecoverTheCouve

Images to Download for your Social Media

These are 1080 x 1080 pixel images, best for Instagram or Facebook. Click the following link on a computer, laptop, or tablet to download the available graphics HERE, access them via Canva as a template, or right-click the images below you would like to save to your device.

An up close image of an open sign hanging in a shop window Three young women smiling and holding glasses of beer while sitting in an outside dining area of a brewpub. Young woman smiling while wearing sunglasses walking in an outside market while carrying a shopping bag and an iced beverage. Two young men and one young woman smelling glasses of wine while standing around a table with wine bottles on it. Three young women laughing and walking with shopping bags.

Need help?

Have questions about buying eGift Cards?

Check out how consumers buy Grow the (360) eGift Cards.