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Business & Leadership Awards Winners


The First Citizen, which started in 1939, is given annually to a Clark County resident who models the attributes of good citizenship through leadership, action, civic pride, and cultivates inclusive civic engagement practices. These are individuals who, through their business, volunteering, and philanthropic efforts, improve the lives of those in the community by serving first.  


The Large Business Award is given to an organization growing in market share, growing in sales, creating more jobs for our community, and giving back in a way that helps make our community thrive. We will recognize a business with over 25 employees that has made positive changes in SW Washington within the past year. 

2021- LSW Architects
2020- ilani
2019- Ginn Group
2018- Silicon Forest Electronics (SFE)
2017- The Columbian
2016- Waste Connections
2015- Columbia Credit Union
2014- New Seasons Market
2013- Riverview Community Bank
2012- The Nutter Corporation


The Greater Vancouver Chamber has been Moving Business Forward in southwest Washington for over 130 years through business advocacy, community building education, and creating visibility for our members. It's fitting, then, for us to recognize individual businesses that are in fact, Moving Forward. To celebrate the achievements of a business that is growing quickly in our community, while still maintaining a team of fewer than 25 employees, we recognize them with the Small Business of the Year Award. 

2021- Delta Direct Care
2020- Peninsula Glass
2019- Nom Nom Restaurant & Bar
2018- Matrix Roofing
2017- Chappelle’s Towing
2016- Sweet Spot Skirts
2015- Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt
2014- Mill Creek Pub
2013- Pritchard Orthodontics
2012- Northwest Personal Training


Our piece of SW Washington has been fortunate to welcome new businesses of the last few years. Businesses started by enterprising, enthusiastic, and passionate business people. The Start Up to Watch Award looks at those businesses that are up to their first five years and recognizes one that is emblematic of tenacity, vision, and strong business practices. 

2021- Sprout Partners
2020- Allen Gabriel
2019- WellHaven Pet Health
2018- Why Racing Events
2017- Tri Star Chiropractic & Family Wellness Center
2016- High End Market Place
2015- Trek Global
2014- Fringe Digital Marketing Agency
2013- Pangea Motors *Award debut


Former President/CEO of the Greater Vancouver Chamber, John S. McKibbin, did not restrict his leadership efforts to one single endeavor. Over the course of his professional life, he rose to leadership roles in elected office, business, and the nonprofit community. The McKibbin Leadership Legacy Award recognizes an individual each year who similarly demonstrates a positive influence across many sectors of our community. 

2021- Jennifer Rhoads
2020- Paul Christensen
2019- Arch Miller
2018- Brent Grening
2017- Lee Rafferty (inaugural year)