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About the Greater Vancouver Chamber (GVC)

What We Do

Who We Support

The Greater Vancouver Chamber (GVC) is proud to serve the Southwest Washington business community through multiple programs, events, and services. Our community of businesses range from large corporate headquarters, executives and employees, all the way through to Main Street “mom ‘n’ pop” shops that are looking for trusted referrals and a support network.

How We Work

Our Values

  • Growth
  • Vision
  • Community

Our Mission
GVC is the inclusive and innovative provider of programming and resources enabling businesses to thrive and create community vitality.

Our Vision
The Greater Vancouver Chamber is the catalyst for business in Southwest Washington to support companies success and people's prosperity.

Where We Serve

The Greater Vancouver Chamber serves Clark County, Southern Cowlitz County, Western Skamania County, and Portland Oregon. The map below is for illustrative purposes only.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

We are committed to being anti-racist and creating a business community that leads in an ongoing pursuit of equity, social justice, and with an inclusive community of innovators.

We will continue to utilize our members’ valuable connections and expert resources. Additionally, we will bring companies together for training and growth focused on eliminating systemic racism.

Our Leadership

Our Board of Directors is the decision making body who sets the Vision and Goals for the Greater Vancouver Chamber. It is composed of GVC members from diverse businesses, company sizes and backgrounds. The GVC team translates the Board’s policies into programs and events bringing all of the region’s businesses together around advocacy, education and community.

Who We Are