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    Natural Hemp Botanicals is a amazing company that formulates and manufactures a CBD Topical line that is above and beyond all others.
    The formulation has been in the making for over 5 years. Was designed for my cancer clients to help them with pain and discomfort while dealing with chemotherapy, radiation therapy and the healing process. It is made with Natural Ingredients and has some awesome essential oils to expedite the healing effects.
    Chill is the name of the topical lotion. It is non greasy/oily, and when applied to the affected area, will dry within 2 minutes and absorb directly into the skin. It can take from 3-20 minutes for you to feel the effects depending on the amount of times you have used CBD. Our bodies have an endocannabiod system that is ready and waiting for us to utilize it. It is wanting the CBD in our cells to help us with our pains and discomfort.
    I make this incredible lotion in small batches and have each batch lab tested for your safety. The results are posted on my website, giving you complete transparency of what you are purchasing. Knowledge is Power and I intend to give you as much as you need to make your decision. Each jar has the lab test number on it so you can track your jar.


    1/2oz, 1oz and 2oz CHILL
    1/2 oz CHILL

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