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    About Us

    ''I help small businesses attract more clients!''

    Stragetic marketing coaching for small office/home offce (SoHo) business owners.

    Services include coaching, training, speaking, mastermind groups and workshops; products include books, audios, and toolkits.

    My mission is to transform the lives of SoHo business owners from struggle to success with marketing systems. My purpose is to show SoHo businesses how to market their products/services successfully, comfortably, and profitably through attraction marketing strategies.

    A good referral for me is a SoHo business owner, retailer, or an independent sales rep (like a financial planner or Mary Kay sales director).

    You'll know it is time to refer to me when you hear them say one of these three things:

    ''I love what I do, but I hate to market.''
    ''Marketing doesn't work for me.''
    ''This economy is hurting my business.''