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    Our efforts are to make the needs and challenges faced by the community disappear and have hope prevail. We can do this by providing a way for each need to be met through communication and knowledge of what and where the solution can be found. The need for a holistic approach has become evident when taking an overview of what exists today. This solution shall be available 24/7 by phone or by internet.

    Helping people to be prepared for today’s world involves giving them the knowledge of where to find resources or solutions for each need they experience, either through instruction or direction to the answer.

    CCV has already begun addressing the need for disaster preparedness here in this area with food, clothing and communication ability. We are working for a resolution that will meet whatever disasters are forthcoming. As we move forward, we invite those who share our feeling of need for help or want to join with us to do so by contacting us at 360-784-2236. Our impact will be one of hope not of confrontation. Make it better not more complicated.