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    Labor & Industries Retrospective Rating Program


    The Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Workers' Compensation, L&I Retrospective Rating Program

    Our Retrospective Rating Program, specifically created for manufacturers, can save you money on your workers' compensation premium costs as well as qualify you for refunds based on the worker safety performance of the group. As a member of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, you may be eligible to join the program specifically created to help Southwest Washington-area manufacturing businesses increase their safety performance and reduce their workers’ compensation insurance costs. The cumulative refund (of the last three years) to the GVCC Manufacturing Group has returned over $2.4 million in premium refunds to manufacturing members. It also should be noted that some members of the GVCC's Manufacturing Group are paying less than 30% of the state industry average.


    How it Works:

    As a member of the GVCC Manufacturing Retrospective Rating group your company will benefit by joining together with other manufacturers to maximize your refund potential and minimize risk of workers’ compensation claims.

    As the employer you continue to pay your premium for workers compensation insurance to the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I). The pooled premiums of the group are adjusted at the end of each plan year (and the two successive years) and if premiums paid are in excess of claims costs the surplus premiums are refunded to members of the group.  As a member of the group your company, in addition, receives the services of a claims manager who not only works with L&I on your behalf to get claims closed quickly but audits the safety practices of members to keep claims down and optimize refunds.

    Interested companies can apply by filling out this form, and after review of their L&I account by our Third Party Administrator, they will be notified about acceptance to the group. Agreement to abide by the safe workplace policies and practices for injured workers, such as Stay at Work (SAW) and Kept on Salary (KOS), is mandatory to remain in the group. 





    Contact us to learn more about the Retrospective Rating Program and how your company can enjoy a safer workplace and lower your upfront workers’ compensation premium as well as potentially qualify for premium refunds.


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