• GVCC L&I Refund Program



    Save on State Workers' Compensation premiums! GVCC L&I Refund Program

    Our refund programs, specifically designed for both manufacturers and retailers & service providers, can save you money on your L&I costs.

    As a member of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, you may be eligible to join one of two programs specifically created to help Vancouver-area manufacturers and retail and professional service businesses increase their safety performance and reduce their insurance costs.
    • Over the past 8 years the GVCC has returned close to $2 million in premium refunds to manufacturing members.
    • Some manufacturing members are paying less than 30 percent of the state industry average.


    How the programs work

    All Washington employers have to pay workers' compensation premiums. The Chamber program creates a pool for qualifying members (pools are separated into Manufacturing Group and Retail & Service Providers Group) and these businesses as a group have the opportunity to receive premium refund at the end of the program year even after paying an administrative fee. 

    On their own, individual employers do not have this opportunity. In addition to saving money, qualifying members receive the services of the GVCC program administrator who works right in our community to improve safety programs and records.

    How to find out if your organization qualifies

    Contact Scott Croucher at 360-750-7822 to learn more about this program.