• Insurance & Employee Benefits Program

  • As healthcare costs continue to rise and the healthcare debate dominates the headlines, it's no surprise that affordable healthcare insurance ranks as one of the key challenges for business owners and one of the most preferred benefits for employees.

    GVCC knows that adequate and reasonably priced healthcare coverage is vital for your business, offering peace of mind for both you and your employees.  That's why the Chamber is part of a statewide alliance that offers affordable employee benefit programs through Associated Employers Trust (AET). 

    Founded in 1952, AET offers GVCC member businesses with 5 to 199 employees a full range of employee benefits, including medical, dental, vision, life and disability coverage. AET's offers flexible plan designs incorporating services from some of the states most respected carries such as Moda HealthWashington Dental Service, and Vision Service Plan.

    For an overview of benefit options or to learn more about the GVCC Insurance & Employee Benefits Program, please visit www.aetbenefits.com or contact your GVCC insurance program manager, Paul Baker, at Paul.Baker@wellsfargo.com.

    Not sure about the insurance coverage you need? Please contact your insurance provider or consult one of our member insurance providers listed here:  GVCC Member Insurance providers.