• Recognizing Our Community

    Each year, we ask that you take a moment to nominate an outstanding individual or business in our community, who is exemplifying the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce's motto: Moving Business Forward. At our Annual Dinner in September, we recognize these six award winners in front of 300+ attendees. Below the categories of each award are listed with information on what it means to be an award winner in this field.

    Please keep in mind, these nominees must be Chamber members. You may nominate your own company. If you do not know if a business you'd like to nominate is a Chamber Member you can look them up in our Member Directory.

    Thank you for contributing to this exciting event. 



    Nomination Categories

    2019 Small & Large Businesses of the Year Awards
    Moving Business Forward has been the motto of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce for some time. It's fitting, then, for us to recognize individual businesses that are in fact moving forward. Those businesses growing in market share, growing in sales, creating more jobs in our community, and giving back in a way that helps make our community thrive. The Small Business of the Year Award will recognize a business with fewer than 25 employees. The Large Business of the Year Award will recognize businesses with 25 or more employees.

    Start-Up To Watch Award
    Our piece of SW Washington has been blessed these last few years with a host of new businesses. Businesses started by enterprising, enthusiastic, and passionate business people. This award looks at those businesses that are up to their first five years and recognizes one that is emblematic of tenacity, vision, and strong business practices.

    Community Statesman Award
    Working collaboratively with our local, state, and federal elected officials is critical to provide the best possible business-friendly environment. This award honors the memory of Bill Fromhold, former Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce President/CEO as well as State Representative, by recognizing an elected official who represents the interest of business along with their overall community priorities.

    Community Champion Award
    Leadership is a critical success factor whether for a business, a membership organization, or a community. Donna Cantonwine demonstrated her Community Champion skill-set while at the helm of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. Her "can do" attitude set an example for the rest of us for making sure surrounding business priorities are accomplished. Honoring that unique style, we single out a community member who is not only actively contributing in the community but also acting as a role model like only a Champion can.

    John S. McKibbin Leadership Legacy Award
    Former President/CEO of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, John McKibbin, did not restrict his leadership efforts to one single endeavor. Over the course of his professional life he rose to leadership roles in elected office, business, and in the nonprofit community. This award recognizes an individual each year who similarly demonstrates a positive influence across many sectors of our community.

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