• 3 Mobile Security Patrols for the price of two

    Offer Valid: 04/28/2021 - 07/01/2021
    Can you imagine what goes on at your business in the middle of the night?
    Have you been a victim of vandalism, graffiti, trespassers, theft or aggressive customers? Do you find homeless sleeping in your doorways, parking lots or rummaging through the trash? Are your customers or staff concerned about their safety?

    We can help.

    When you are at home asleep or spending time with your family the last thing you want to worry about is answering a call from your alarm company or wondering if your business is safe. Our proactive policing model uses highly visible marked patrol vehicles to conduct random inspections of your home, business or job site. Our officers actually get out of the vehicle and physically inspect your exterior structures, perimeter, vehicles, doors, windows and can even conduct interior building checks. Cameras are great for recording your victimization but wouldn't you prefer it not happen at all. The purpose of patrol or stationary officers is to deter crime before it happens.

    We are a family owned and locally managed security service that started in 1958 in Salinas, CA and have expanded to Oregon and Washington. We have the proper tools, technology and experience to deal with hostile encounters. Our officers receive over 120 hours of training as well as continuing education. We monitor our staff through GPS verified software, offer email generated reports that are timestamped and video capture technology to help document incidents as they happen in real time. You know who, what, when, where and how long our officers or on your property.

    You should not be responding to your own alarms. Situations can escalate quickly and why put yourself at risk. You should be enjoying your business not worried that it may put you in harms way. Achates means loyal friend and like any good friend or neighbor we are here to look out for you. We are the eyes and ears on the street while your home asleep.

    As a thank you to the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce and to introduce our services to fellow members who have never used us before we are offering a great service deal. 

    SPRING SPECIAL OFFER 3 Private Security Patrols for the price of two! ($750 value)

    Achates Security will provide your home, office or job site with three random vehicle patrols per night 7:00pm- 7:00 am each day of the month for $500 a month for the first 6 months. Each patrol will consist of a uniformed patrol officer arriving to you location, activating our GPS verified geofence, exiting the vehicle and conducting a foot patrol of the perimeter and all exterior structures. Typical patrols range in 10-15 minute blocks providing a visual deterrent. Doors, windows and fences checked and confirmed secure. Video verified.

    If your having a problem with your business or if you simply want the peace of mind knowing that everything you have worked so hard to build is secure, please give us a call at 360-852-1474 and let us show you how we can help. 

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