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    Our Story:
    In 2009, I was riding my bike to photograph one of my real-estate listings. The last thing my clients needed to see was my 44 year old ‘padded bike short butt’. I threw on a little disco skirt from my closet providing coverage. LINK to BIKE page

    With sweat trickling down my face, infamous helmet head, jersey billowing with colors distinctly different from the wild pattern of the disco skirt, I “clomped, clomped clomped” into the restaurant to meet friends after the photo shoot. Just then one of the husbands, said to his wife, “you should get a sexy little skirt like that.”

    My head spun to see if he was making fun? I could see by his look, he was serious. Didn’t he see the fat bulging out from beneath my grabby bike shorts? Interesting. . . seems like all he saw was “skirt.”

    By the time we reached our next stop, I blurted out “Sweet Spot® Skirts.” I was going to create a better skirt than the one I was wearing. We have created an entire company on the hips of this fabulous reversible and adjustable skirt. LINK to Classic Skirt

    Sweet Spot® Skirts are made in the USA, fit all women sized 0 - 24 are flirty, functional and flattering. Check out our products: Add LINK to these
    1. Classic Athletic Skirt
    2. Fast n Flirty Running Skirt
    3. Performance Shorts & Tights **with cell phone pocket

    2012 Best Startup in the Pacific Northwest by CREDC
    2016 Small Business of the Year
    2016 Top 3 Healthiest Companies

    Thank you for your time,
    Stephanie Lynn


    We fit all sizes!
    Snow Sports
    Tights:  All Lengths, each with their own cell phone pocket!
    Travel Time
    Fast n Flirty Running Skirt
    Performance Shorts Won't Ride Up Guaranteed!
    Inspirational Active Wear
    Made in the USA
    She Ain't Got No Quit
    Sweat Your Heart Out.
    Women's Active Wear