• Volunteer Opportunities

    Offer Valid: 02/17/2020 - 02/26/2021

    No matter how great the doctor is, critical healthcare cannot be achieved if the patient has no transportation to get to their appointment. A stop at the grocery store to grab a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread or a stop at the pharmacy can mean the world to a senior who is no longer able to drive. Just a few hours a week of your time volunteering to drive others can save a life.  3.6 million Americans miss doctor appointments each year because they lack transportation. Millions of others are very isolated and seldom leave their home to access basic services and interact with others.
    We are looking for volunteers who sincerely care about others in our community. Volunteers in Motion volunteers are the “special forces” of community engagement. We help others get to necessary appointments, attend social events, grocery shop and participate in outings that help with their physical and emotional health. Volunteer drivers help those most vulnerable in our community so that they can continue to live independently and engage with the community.
    For more information please contact:
    Jeananne Edwards
    Volunteers in Motion Program Manager
    a program of The Human Services Council
    360-735-3680 (office)