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    VPS - iTech Preparatory Bake-Off
    We are hoping to have 5-6 judges with a cooking/chef/baking background. Students will be creating edible (or items that look as though they are edible) items that represent their learning regarding multiple culture's experiences. For the three rounds similar to the Great British Bake Off, in the first round students will be presenting a "biscuit" that represents the globe (cracker or cookie), in the second round we will have a surprise STEM food challenge, and in the third round they will present a "show stopper" large sculpture depicting one of three options that represent their learning. We are looking for judges that can assess soundness of structure, taste (when appropriate), design, and fitting the theme.

    Fort Vancouver Historical Site
    612 E Reserve St. Vancouver, WA

    Natalie Powell
    5/28/2019 - 5/28/2019
    Offer Expires: 5/29/2019
    Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce