• Vistage CEO Think -Tank Vancouver/Portland

    About Us

    My mission is to service the local community by helping our best and brightest leaders grow, one leader and one company at a time. There is nothing more powerful for CEO's than these groups.

    My core motivation has always been to help others. When I see someone making an honest effort to achieve a noble goal I am compelled to help in any and every way I can.

    My experience as an executive, entrepreneur, author, speaker, executive coach and business advisor to over 70 companies allows me to connect at a deep level with open-minded leaders that want to grow.
    I've learned to draw out leader’s goals and dreams by asking questions and listening intently, then help them see what they might otherwise miss and to say things to them that nobody else in their life will say.

    I’ve chosen to leverage my skills and knowledge to help the greatest number of people I can, in the most effective way I can, through Vistage Executive Peer groups. Vistage has solidified a reputation as the world’s most trusted resource for CEOs, business owners and key executives. Through Vistage I am able to provide 1) one-to-one coaching, 2) peer advisory board, 3) issues-specific workshops/presentations and 4) engagement with an exceptional community of people.

    Members that take advantage of this formula outperform the competition under all conditions, from the market highs to the lows.