• Chamber Recovery Grant

    This is the application for the 2020 Rebound & Recovery Assistance Grant provided by the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. Please note the following application requirements below before submitting your request. You will receive feedback within two weeks of submission. If you have any questions, please email JMcdonagh@VancouverUSA.com.
    Application Requirements: *
    Please check the option that represents you best.
    Business Industry *
    *If your industry is not listed, but you are non-essential, please explain in the comment section below.
    Please include a time-frame above of how long your business has been closed. If it is still closed, please include that information. If you did not close, please explain.
    Additional Assistance
    In addition to the $100 discount from your 2021 Membership Renewal Dues, please select the option to further ease your financial burden. (Optional)
    Please share with us a little about your Rebound & Recovery Experience thusfar. We'd like to help in any way that we can, and we'd like to hear why this grant would be important to you and your business. (Optional)