• The GVCC is your one-stop shop for Career Connected
    Learning Opportunities in SW Washington

    Clark County's education and support partners are committed to ensuring a seamless experience in the wide variety of
    connecting career connected learn opportunities available in our community 


  • These opportunities extend beyond a single day, and may require preparation before the event. 

    • Panel judge for multi day competition 
    • Multi day Mock Interviews
    • Participation in Multi Day STEM Camp
    • AP Connect
  • Staying connected and committed to CCL programming quarterly, is the ideal way to develop a talented workforce for your industry.

    • Internships
    • Virtual Internships
    • STEM Mentors
    • STEM Camps Coming Soon
    • Play Space Learning Development Coming Soon
    • Planning & Development Committees
  • Become a committed member of the career connected learning team as a member of the Chamber and the SW Washington STEM Network. Selecting this level of involvement will provide you with all the outreach emails to pick-and-choose what fits your organization the best. If also keeps you up-to-date on new programming as its developed. You could be included in pilot programs to develop CCL direction for the future. 



  • Chandra Chase (GVCC Programs & Communications Director), Kevin Getch (owner of Webfor), Teresa Lawwill (GVCC Community Partnerships Director), and Ted Feller (SW WA STEM Network) at the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce after a planning session for the stemCONNECT visit to Webfor, a digital marketing agency in downtown Vancouver in the heart of the Vancouver-Camas Innovative Partnership Zone (IPZ) for digital technology.

  • Why Career Connected Learning?

    This video provides insight into the labor market and what role education should play in setting a career plan for our youth.

    In 2018, 57% of our jobs will be middle skilled jobs requiring technical skills and training at the credential or Associate Degree level. 

    Keep this jobs ratio in mind   1 : 2 : 7 
    Masters Degree : University Degree : One-Year Certificate or Associates Degree
    This jobs ratio is fundamental to all industries - the video explains in detail. 

    Success in the New Economy from Brian Y. Marsh on Vimeo.

  • Meet your team: 

    SW Washington STEM Network Executive Director, Ted Feller

    nConnect Program Director, Laura Randall

    GVCC Programs and Communications Director, Chandra Chase

    Natalie Pacholl, SEH America
    Teresa Lawwill, GVCC
    Darcy Hoffman, Workforce SW
    Miriam Martin, Workforce SW