• The GVCC is your one-stop shop for Career Connected
    Learning Opportunities in SW Washington

    Clark County's education and support partners are committed to ensuring a seamless experience in the wide variety of
    connecting career connected learn opportunities available in our community 


  • These opportunities extend beyond a single day, and may require preparation before the event. 

    • Panel judge for multi day competition 
    • Multi day Mock Interviews
    • Participation in Multi Day STEM Camp
    • AP Connect
  • Staying connected and committed to CCL programming quarterly, is the ideal way to develop a talented workforce for your industry.

    • Internships
    • Virtual Internships
    • STEM Mentors
    • STEM Camps Coming Soon
    • Play Space Learning Development Coming Soon
    • Planning & Development Committees
  • Become a committed member of the career connected learning team as a member of the Chamber and the SW Washington STEM Network. Selecting this level of involvement will provide you with all the outreach emails to pick-and-choose what fits your organization the best. If also keeps you up-to-date on new programming as its developed. You could be included in pilot programs to develop CCL direction for the future. 



  • Why Career Connected Learning?

    This video provides insight into the labor market and what role education should play in setting a career plan for our youth.

    In 2018, 57% of our jobs will be middle skilled jobs requiring technical skills and training at the credential or Associate Degree level. 

    Keep this jobs ratio in mind   1 : 2 : 7 
    Masters Degree : University Degree : One-Year Certificate or Associates Degree
    This jobs ratio is fundamental to all industries - the video explains in detail. 

    Success in the New Economy from Brian Y. Marsh on Vimeo.

  • Meet your team: 

    SW Washington STEM Network Executive Director, Ted Feller

    nConnect Program Director, Laura Randall

    Natalie Pacholl, SEH America
    Darcy Hoffman, Workforce SW
    Miriam Martin, Workforce SW