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Dr. Shelby Wickhorst can’t say enough about what Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce membership has done for his business. At one of his first GVCC events, a networking luncheon, Wickhorst said he mentioned to the group that he was hosting a program to promote Oakley sunglasses. Several Chamber members showed up, he said, sending a clear message that Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce members are active and involved and supportive of fellow members.

Wickhorst isn’t alone. We thought we’d let members speak for themselves on the value of making connections through the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce:

“The Chamber has sent me lots of referrals. I always like to support the Chamber – it’s part of my community commitment.”

--Bonnie Reif
Owner of Reifine Salon & Reifine natural hair care products

“Joining the Vancouver Chamber of Commerce has been a very positive experience for myself and my business. Attending the many events offered and meeting many wonderful folks, has helped me grow personally as well as professionally. Being a chamber member is an excellent way to bond with this great community of Vancouver.”

--Dr. William J. Pritchard

“We’ve more than doubled our patient flow since joining the Chamber just over a year ago. I’ve even been invited to speaking engagements and to serve on committees due to my Chamber membership.”

--Dr. Shelby Wickhorst
Vision 162

"The networking and business development opportunities have been outstanding, and clearly 55 to 60 percent of our current business has been a direct result of our Chamber membership. Our only regret is that we didn't join the Chamber sooner."

--Mark and Barbara Nulph
Owners of Pressed 4 Time Dry Cleaning

"Membership in the Chamber has helped my business by giving it a big voice and support when it comes to legislative and taxation matters that have a direct impact on my business and the community."

--Elie Kassab
President, Prestige Development