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Business success equals community success

The Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce believes a successful business community participates in the larger community.

The Chamber takes a leadership role in community decision-making on behalf of business, speaking with one voice and ensuring the impacts on business are considered before public policies are implemented.

Through our broad membership base, Greater Vancouver and Clark County’s business and civic community, the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce advocates sound, sensible and dynamic policies that ensure a vital economic climate while improving the regional infrastructure and quality of life.

Information and Influence:

  • Up-to-the-minute policy news, posted on the Chamber Web site
  • Strategic business partnerships
  • Chamber Public Affairs Committee members meet monthly to consider advocacy issues and concerns and make recommendations to the GVCC board of directors
  • Analysis of and testimony on local, state and regional issues affecting business
  • Programs and events with a civic focus

The Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce is committed to building a strong community.

Advocacy Focus

The future of business in the Greater Vancouver metropolitan area is closely linked to these and other critical public policy issues.

As the voice of business since 1890, the Chamber is committed to the success of your business. We are currently working hard on behalf of you, our members to:

  • Build the jobs-to-population ratio from one job for every three people to one job for every two people, as is the case in the Portland Metro area.
  • Build the capacity of higher education to meet regional and state ratios.
  • Plan an adequate land supply for future commercial and industrial growth.
  • Create a welcoming economic and regulatory climate for business growth and expansion.

By building long-term prosperity into our community equation, we will build the supporting framework for all of the other quality of life community assets vital to success.